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If you have been hurt at work in Pennsylvania and you are considering a claim for workers' compensation, or already involved in a claim, you will eventually need an attorney.  However, you sure don't want to be paying an attorney when your right to benefits might not be at risk -- yet.

You need experienced legal advice as early as possible.  You don't want to put your claim at risk by not talking to a good workers' compensation lawyer.  What you don't know will hurt you.  You need guidance.  You need to know what your rights are and how best to handle your claim.  After all, your employer, the workers' compensation insurance company and the company doctor all know the system better than you do.  Even if you are getting benefits, for anything but a very short term injury with minimal impact on your ability to work, be warned that ALL of those forces WILL be working against you, attempting to minimize your claim.  Your employer and/or its workers' compensation insurance carrier WILL do all they can get away with to make your injury much more YOUR problem than THEIR problem, even when you suffer a serious injury that is CLEARLY work-related.  Don't give the folks lined up on the other side get the advantage of being the only ones with expert advice.  After all, your health, your well-being, and your family's financial needs are all at stake.

I can help.  Call me, attorney Tim Kennedy.  I have more than twenty-two years of experience representing injured workers.  I will speak with you about your case and help put you on the right footing to secure your right to benefits, to protect your claim, and to maximize your potential for the largest possible workers' compensation lump sum settlement.  My advice and guidance can help to ease the strain you are under when dealing with a work injury, an uncooperative employer or an unreasonable insurance adjuster.  I can help take the pressure off of you -- and put it on your employer and its insurance company, forcing them to do the right thing and to fully respect your rights.

Do not allow yourself to be mislead.  Don't let your employer or its workers' compensation insurance company abuse your rights just because they know the system better than you do.  Don't trust them to have your interests at heart.  You know they do not.  Call me right now at 610-924-5667.  I can help you.

The Tim Kennedy Promise: I offer legal advice and guidance to you to make your Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation claim as strong as it can be. If you have been hurt at work, I am available to you for legal advice and guidance, backed by a staff of competent professionals who can always respod immediately -- even when I am in court, in a deposition or otherwise not immediately available, so that you will have the maximum step-by-step or even day-to-day guidance to make sure your case is as strong as possible and to prevent abuse of your rights by your employer or their workers' compensation insurance company.  I will help you find doctors who are sympathetic and competent as well as able to document your claim and stand up for you if needed in court.  I will strive with all of the skill of my decades of experience litigating workers' compensation claims for injured workers, to advance YOUR rights.  During all of this, I will not collect a single dime from your case unless and until your claim goes into active litigation in which I succeed  in securing your rights, or until you approve a lump sum settlement I will negotiate for you..

These are not empty words.  This is the promise that I live by and the promise that I practice law by.  This promise will be confirmed for you in writing from the moment I become your attorney, so that you can count on it, too.

- Timothy Kennedy, Esquire

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