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Some doctors are all about the insurance reimbursements.  Some doctors just aren’t very nice.  Others are wonderful people who work hard to do the right thing for their patients.  

Alot of doctors don't want to touch you if your injury is work-related.

This is especially true when the workers comp insurance company is pushing you to treat with only THEIR doctors, for ONLY the injury THEY recognize -- which often is a lot less injury than you really have!

They will TELL you you must treat with ONLY THEIR DOCTORS during the first NINETY DAYS.  I can tell you THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY.

Attorney Timothy Kennedy has more than seventeen years of experience dealing with physicians and specialists in virtually all medical fields and convenient to your locality. We will help you in your search for a competent medical advocate, should you need it. We can also assure you that we will work with any physician, anywhere, who you feel provides reasonable and necessary care for your work injuries. We will talk with your doctor and help him or her to be a strong advocate for your claim. Whoever you choose to treat with, we will coordinate with your physicians to maximize your access to necessary care and to establish and protect your full rights.  Call 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003.

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