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In Pennsylvania, an employee who is hurt at work is entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Period. That is what the law is for. Your employer is legally bound to protect and honor YOUR RIGHTS in the event you suffer a work injury.

Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies sometimes try to avoid their legal obligations under the Workers' Compensation Act, often by misleading you about your rights.   An experienced attorney can help you to avoid the tricks, obstacles and other abuses of employers and workers compensation insurance companies, while securing your right to benefits and advancing your interests in either a lump sum settlement or long-term security under the Act.

Call me, Tim Kennedy.  I am a workers compensation attorney with more than twenty-one years of experience representing injured workers.  I will explain your rights under the law so that you can take steps to protect yourself and your financial well-being while struggling with a work injury. Call me right now at 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003, for a free consultation. We will talk about your situation and your rights under the law.  If you have a claim, or you are considering a claim, I assure you, you DO need a lawyer. But I make that easy for you. Just look at my promise to you on the home page of this site.

Timothy Kennedy, Esquire, is certified as a specialist in the practice of Workers' Compensation Law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Section on Workers' Compensation, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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